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A LOTT of Sista Love, Inc. (ALOSL) is an international empowerment nonprofit organization. A LOTT of Sista Love, Inc. is an exempt organization under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. ALOSL, Inc. was founded in October 2006 by Monica L. Sanders.  

Our organization started off empowering women from all walks of life and was not intended to be a platform for male bashers but of empowerment through Christ. Since the inception we have now advanced to individuals from all walks of life.

ALOSL, Inc. builds relationships by loving, edifing, and ultimately strengthening others to excel to walk in their assigned roles as originally ordained by God.

ALOSL, Inc. is the umbrella for marketplace groups. Each group's component is designed to empower all to what God has called for their lives at this dispensation in time. 

ALOSL, Inc. is set apart from other organizations and there are no hidden agendas to join.

Non-Profit Subsidary
Girlz @ The Gate Vision is to grow women in prayer.
To raise, nurture and strengthen intercessors who are called by God.

Daily at 5:30 am via conference call. 

Dial in # 712-432-3900  
access code 9496559#

To help God's people
by serving and providing hope for their purpose and journey.